Community Park & Ball Fields - Why?

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December 2016: News Letter and update of the state of the Ocracoke Community Park


 Benefits to Children

With the increasing number of school children living on the island, Ocracoke has enough students to participate in team sports. Until now, basketball was the only team sport option.

While surfing and swimming are great outdoor island activities, team sports such as baseball and soccer teach children about team work, competition, managing conflict, regional awareness, sportsmanship, integrity, effective communication, perseverance, problem solving, and setting goals.

Providing organized outdoor recreational team activities is important to the Ocracoke Community Park committee. These organized activities teach life skills and provide the children with the opportunities and resources found in other villages.

 Benefits to Community

Ocracoke Community Park will help improve the health of community individuals by getting families outdoors and moving.

Ocracoke Community Park will offer tourism enhancement with the use of the park for individual recreation, regional ballgames, environment education and wedding venues.

The park’s open area continues to provide green space with natural filters for ground water and to help improve water quality.

Ocracoke Community Park will promote community involvement at organized sports or events.

The park’s location on the island will help reduce worker absenteeism, off island travel time and fuel expense for practice and games.

The park will provide environmental education oppurtunities with outdoor classroom venues.

The park will promote Ocracoke as a sustainable village that is able to tie together economics, an environment rich in natural resources, and the community without depleting our beautiful resources.